• AYUSH approved products, ensuring Pure Ayurveda formulation (no side effects)

  • Natural Ingredients and Ayurvedic Herbs provide Mother Nature's direct care

  • GMP certified manufacturing facilities for Quality Assurance

  • You must not pay if the product does not suit you. (only with pre-paid orders)

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Weight Management

Weight is a key determinant and indicator of health. Its management is key to healthy living.

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Height Growth

Reaching one's optimum height is a key parameter to reaching health optimization. Given today's environment, it always helps to provide body with few nutrients that nourish body's growth centers.

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Male Female Health

An important aspect of Health is Male and Female Sexual Health. Due to various environmental factors, sometimes one needs nature and ayurveda's support for fulfillment.

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Muscle Gain

AYUSH approved formulations that help you tone your muscles at a rapid pace. With no side effects.

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We offer certified, authentic and approved, proven and effective AYUSH Approved Ayurveda formulations for your health and wellbeing.

  • We truly care for you. Through our products and our services. We exist to restore your Vigor.

  • Thousands have found our products effective. We apply Traditional wisdom with Modern research.

  • We promise transparency in pricing, ingredient, delivery and after sales. It is core to our values.

  • No SLS, SLES, Paraben. No Harsh Chemicals.